About The Paper Clown

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Hi! I’m Adam Swierk a.k.a. The Paper Clown, and I am here to talk my life as a mentally ill 90’s kid trying to make it through the world.

Let me tell you: living with depression is brutal, and only exacerbated by the unfair and unnecessary stigma attached towards mental health disorders in our society. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life grappling with not just chronic depression, but the notion that I was somehow flawed as a human being and was personally responsible for my illness. I don’t think I’m alone in hoping this burden could be lifted for those living with mental health issues, and a greater understanding and empathetic acceptance could grow throughout our culture, now and into the future. Blogging about my depression isn’t going to save the world, clearly (I’m not THAT vain, despite what some people may believe). But perhaps, as a long-time purveyor of the ‘Fake it ’til You Make It’ lifestyle, posting about my own experiences and struggles can help others (besides me, through therapeutic discussions about myself with the interwebs) come to some sort of personal acceptance or deeper understanding of life as a person with a mental illness.

But life’s too short for just that depressing gobbledygook, so look out for essays and reviews about all things 1990’s, including a full series, episodic review of Boy Meets World (posted on sporadic Fridays). The last decade of the previous millennium was the peak of our popular culture, so join me as I run through any and all things from that glorious time.

So: life with depression + 90’s pop culture = The Paper Clown. Enjoy!