About Adam Swierk

Hi! I’m Adam Swierk aka the Paper Clown. I’m a Tufts University educated sociologist, who’s driven to write engaging stories that will both enlighten and edify minds.

I’m a passionate essayist and former 90s latchkey kid, with a proven ability to develop intriguing and illuminating content from a unique perspective. I have an innate talent for conversational expertise, possessing the keen ability to write about highly technical, complicated topics in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner.

I live to write — to craft compelling narratives, three-dimensional characters, and structurally sound stories that take readers on an emotional journey. I’ve written one novel that I’m currently pitching (a work of literary fiction about Bridgewater State Hospital; manuscript available if interested), and a second novel nearing completion (a coming-of-age novel about a grieving millenial college student).

I have a strong portfolio of work, both personally and professionally, having been published in several places as both a credited author, and as a ghostwriter (all links to my published work can be found below). If you are interested in hiring me as a writer, or discussing my work, please feel free to reach out!


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